Saturday, April 24, 2010

Be Practical!

A phrase I get to hear from everyone associated with me for not following the general norms been laid down for living a life. I often wonder what it means to be practical. Is it synonymous to 'follow others'? Is it a polished way to say hide the creativity and explorer in you and follow the examples what our great leaders and legendary social, biological and scientific gurus have set?

I wonder if those legends came into this world as a legend or were they not blessed with good friends who asked them to be practical for a happy life? Let's imagine where would we have been today if people over the years have been practical.

What if people in NASA would have been practical? They would have followed the path of others and wouldn't have developed the space shuttle as going to space wasn't practical those days. Airplane would have been the highest we could reach.

Imagine if Wright brothers had a friend who would have asked them to be practical. flying was nowhere near being practical. we would have just ended moving in cars, bikes, buses and trains. People flying so high in a metal object? Come on guys, be practical.

The list would go on and on moving backwards in time and we'd finally reach the greatest invention of mankind. The invention of WHEEL. Imagine if the early man who invented wheel was asked by his friends to be practical. well today everything is on wheel but if that man was practical, there wouldn't have been a wheel.

But i believe what made the discovery of wheel was the absence of this phrase in early man ages because of non-emergence of English. The term of 'be Practical'. Because if early man had known of and utilized this phrase then we would have still been in the jungle. I wouldn't be typing this here, you wouldn't be reading. We would have been battling other animals wearing a piece of leaf.

How I wish to strike off this phrase in the present world. So as to discover more and explore the happiness in life rather than being practical and stay in the jungle. Remember, Going to moon wasn't practical earlier!

lets re-invent practical than be practical!


  1. If u end up being practical, ur life wud be just alrite and hopefully happy.. but then again if u take the risks u mite crash and burn .. But what is guranteed is an extraordinary life .. so Shoot for stars dude.. and if u fall , we are there to catch u :)

  2. Man thats quite a statement. But thats just half the argument. You are seeing the negative aspect of it. If you were to think a little positively probably that exact phrase could be the reason for the myriad of discoveries and inventions. How many times have you done something when someone says its quite impossible! Well your own words have the answer for that as well. Man you write well. Happy blogging :)

  3. a good one for a first timer really!!u know to write.. hehe... keep blogging and practically v r here.

  4. Jai ho baba Abhishek ki !
    Baba, some of the quotes in your blog made me feel as if your in the verge of attaining "Nirvana" :) .

    Would like some clarity on the following :

    1. "follow the examples what our great leaders and legendary social, biological and scientific gurus have set? "

    Who are these legendary biological gurus ... err ... are you referring to your role model "Hugh Hefner" by any chance :D

    2. "We would have been battling other animals wearing a piece of leaf"

    Leaves, they dry out quickly. Are you suggesting that the early men used to invest a considerable amount of time preparing their diaper out of leaves :D
    By the way did you try thinking of animal skins instead of leaves?

    Dude, jokes apart. Well written, full of philosophy and I could smell Aamir Khan's influence somewhere in between those heavy weight sentences ;)

    Keep it up. Abhishek Baba ki jai ... Hugh Hefner ki jai !!!

  5. Well to start of nice piece of work Abhi...

    For me the eye catchy as u ve rightly smelt WEARING A PIECE OF LEAF wonderin me n namitha runnin around the trees..hehhe

    Tis is gud...but I 'ld luv 2 read sometig spicy n a bit of masala in it.. say sometig abt ur ex'es....

    Look fwd to read tat article of urs soon...

  6. da da ente blog koodi onnu follow cheythekkede..