Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken, Baby & Perception!

Look closely at the picture and try to find out a cute little infant lying down. Yes, this is the same image that so many of you would have got in your email at least once. Most of you would have found the baby in it. Others could give it a try now and for those who couldn't even after a try now, there is a reason for it which i would share it at the end.

Off late I realized that there is more to this image than just finding a baby in the bends and curves of a tree. Yes, a deeper insight to the human perceptions or mindset.

All right, by now, I think, all of you would have found the baby hidden in this image. For a first look at this image, its very difficult to find the baby. But, here is something which is more difficult. Try to look at the image again. But this time visualize it as just a tree beside a river (Raw image). Try to lose the baby. Almost impossible. isn't it?

Ever imagined why? Before you knew that it had a hidden baby, this was just a simple image and we found it difficult to find the baby. Now, you know where the baby is, but its almost impossible to go back to the previous state of the image.

Yesterday, my friend cooked chicken for dinner and while eating, I was wondering why I eat chicken and not steak and bacon when all of them are legged beings with a heart pumping blood to all the parts of the body. Then why is it that, while I love chicken, I cannot even imagine eating the other stuff? I figured out that this has something to do with what I learned from this image.

The next para may sound very silly and stupid but if perceived the right way says a lot!

I now see chicken as a food (found the baby) and not as a processed living being(Raw image). Now when I try to change my perception to look at chicken as a dead animal(Raw image), and not as a food, I find it very difficult. Almost impossible!

On the other hand, I always see steak and bacon as animals killed and processed (Raw image) and never could find the baby in it. May be if I try hard, I'd be able to find the baby, and then it would be almost impossible to see the raw image again.

I often wonder if the whole world is driven by perceptions, with people who are trying hard to find the baby, people who have found the baby and trying to see the raw image again.

Extremists who kill may have found the baby as killing people. They have visualized the image of the world as spreading extremism. They may keep on killing until they see and perceive the raw image again, which is almost impossible!

And for people who are still finding the baby in the image, they are vegetarians. They couldn't perceive chicken or steak or anything. For them its just the raw image.

Before making any perception, think hard about it. Because once you set your mind, its hard to get back!


  1. Every End is a new beginning - Well Said, Abhi.... Keep writing more.... :-)

  2. Thank god!!! I am vegetarian ..:)

  3. Great one... makes me think more explained in simple words...
    When u think u need to fulfill certain desires as u feel u r not happy in present life... u work hard to get it but then when u get that thing and u realize u don't want it ... but its too late now u cant remove it from your life... it would be there forever
    something like love or marriage

  4. So what about those people who can eat all? Chicken, steak, bacon, veggies and may be more stuff.

  5. nice abhi.. till the end i was searching for the baby and finally found it :) your post

  6. True words. Our life is defined on our perceptions, same situations which could drill one person down can give opportunities to other one.......